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Art Exhibit Evokes A Sense Of ‘Placiness’
When a Seattle art colony was displaced by tunnel construction, preserving the downtown art scene was a tough nut to crack.  With space at a premium, some artists began doing what they do best:  they got creative — and partnered with developers to make space.
Monica Spain, KNKX-FM, August 15, 2016

Goodness All Around: A Pioneer Square Building Will Become Good Arts
An artist, a developer, a theater technical director, and a coffee house founder have joined forces to buy the historic building at the corner of First Avenue and Cherry Street, and they’re turning it into an arts center called Good Arts.
Jen Graves, the Stranger, Dec 18, 2015

Stable Space: An historic Pioneer Square building becomes an arts hub
“We’re trying to look at the big picture: If businesses are benefitting so much from the arts in their neighborhood, how can we make that mutually beneficial? For too long the bigger conversation has been stuck on ‘Oh these poor artists, look how they’ve been priced out’ and artists see themselves as victims. But if we get out of our comfort zone—artists, businesses, property owners—we can learn a lot from each other and make things happen that have never happened before.”
Amanda Manitach, CityArts, December 28, 2015

$4.5M deal seals unlikely alliance between Seattle developer, artists in Pioneer Square
Often you hear about real estate developers’ big plans pushing small businesses and artists out of the very neighborhoods they helped make appealing to those very developers, but the opposite is happening in Seattle’s Pioneer Square.
Marc Stiles, Puget Sound Business Journal, Dec 21, 2015