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The Good Arts Gallery is located inside Cherry Street Coffee House at 700 First Avenue, on the mezzanine level. Exhibits are curated by ’57 Biscayne artists and guests, and rotate several times a year. Work is for sale and can be purchased by contacting Jane Richlovsky.

Liz Ewings

January 2019 – November 2019

Plankton form the base of the Puget Sound food web that scales up to larger, iconic megafauna including salmon and killer whales. Place is important, even in oceanic real estate. So is timing. Seasonal changes in Puget Sound chemistry and physics result in spatial and temporal patchiness, creating micro-neighborhoods within the larger scope of the Pacific Northwest marine environment, and an elusive ‘now you see ‘em, now you don’t’ pattern for hungry predators.

These images are based on diatoms and zooplankton larva I collected in Saratoga Passage near Whidbey Island during the spring blooms of 2016, 2017, and 2018. I photographed live organisms under a microscope, and based these paintings on the photographs.

I use layered glazes to build depth, and experiment with liquid paint application to evoke unconstrained water movement. Inspired by the oceanographic convention of simplifying the ocean into a mosaic of squares and cubes, I build square panels and join them together, creating a sense of order in chaos.

I fell in love with whales the first time I saw Southern Ocean humpbacks in Hervey Bay, Australia. Whale fever led me to the oceanography program at the University of Washington, where I was introduced to plankton, and the inner workings of the ocean. I am currently completing 100 Paintings of Plankton, exploring the charismatic microfauna of the ocean.

Liz Ewings