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The Good Arts Gallery is located inside Cherry Street Coffee House at 700 First Avenue, on the mezzanine level. Exhibits are curated by ’57 Biscayne artists and guests, and rotate several times a year. Work is for sale and can be purchased by contacting Jane Richlovsky.

Opening May 3: You Are Here, Too

First Thursday Artists’ Reception May 3, 6-9 PM (and building-wide open house)

The work in this show incorporates images, type, and constructs from maps, or the maps themselves. Artists working in paint, graphic media, collage, embroidery, digital media, and ceramics explore the topography of the natural world, political boundaries, the built environment, slavery, motherhood, and other events that leave traces on the physical and mental landscape.

This exhibit is produced in collaboration with ’57 Biscayne studios, and continues on to the second floor of the building, 110 Cherry Street.

David Francis, Navigating the New Waters; wall-mounted sculpture

Hadar Iron, stoneware plate

Joseph Pentheroudakis, LAX 3; editioned archival print

Map Artists:

Ann Marie Schneider
Annie Brule
Beverly Naidus
Chris Rollins
Dara Solliday
David Francis
Dawn Endean
Elizabeth Arzani
Hadar Iron
Jane Richlovsky
Jeanie Lewis
Joseph Pentheroudakis
Karey Kessler
Lindsay Peyton
Liz Ewings
Madeline Waits
Maria Abando
Matthew Potter
Morgan Cahn
Nia Michaels
Sarah Dillon
Savina Mason
Tamar Krames
Tara Kraft
Warren Munzel