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Kelly Lyles

Watercolor on paper

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We lived all over the world as a child, and it was invaluable in terms of appreciation for varied cultures (I now lead art delegations to various countries/continents, Cuba, Eastern Europe, China, and next up is South Africa). My paintings (and sculptural Artcars) have been shown all over the US, in galleries and a few Museums. I’ve a number of different ‘styles’ and media, but all are based on representational art steeped in classical training.

 I’ve always been fascinated with human psychology and consider myself somewhat of a ‘mimic’, even wanting to act professionally at one point. Humans are endlessly fascinating and wonderful to draw in all ages, shapes and sizes. I hope this sense of wonder shows in my work.

My studio, home & Artcars have been featured in innumerable television shows and magazine/newspaper articles. A bibliography would include the Weird Washington book, Harrod Blank’s 2 ‘Artcars’ books and his ’08 film, Automorphasis. National Television (Travel channel, Discovery, Odyssey Network, HGTV), International (Canada’s Wierd Wheels) & local television (NorthWest Afternoon, Evening Magazine), local News, Public Radio, local, national (NY Times) and world newspapers (South African, Italian) and magazines (Woman’s World, National Geographic Kids).

Kelly Lyles

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