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Annie Get Your Gun!

Here’s a story that’s not about viruses or business closing.

When the folks down the street at Coastal Environmental Systems were packing up their Seattle office back in February, preparing for a move, they had to figure out what to do with a rather large sign that had been hanging around in their basement since the 1980’s. So they sent a picture to the Alliance for Pioneer Square on the chance that they’d know of someone in the neighborhood who might want it. Chris Woodward sent the picture to Jane, who said, well…..YESSSSS we want it.

This gigantic stretched canvas, painted in latex paint, was the show poster for the Skid Road Show’s production of the musical Annie Get Your Gun right here in our basement (current home to Beneath the Streets). We’re pretty sure it was displayed under the awning above the stairs, above the very steep stairs leading to the theatre. Jane and Steve lugged the giant canvas back to its original home here, parading it through Occidental Square one sunny day this winter. (The photo is taken pre-Covid, which we now have to say whenever people look dangerously close). It’s in storage for now while renovations continue downstairs, making way for Beneath the Streets’ expansion and RE-OPENING. Beneath the Streets plans to display it in the basement when they resume their operations in October.

The company’s founder Don Munro had been a big supporter of the Skid Road Show back in the day, as well as practically inventing Seattle’s Metro transit system. Thank you Don! Rest in power.

Adorable micro-storefront available in the Good Arts Arcade

A storefront with full-height windows facing Cherry Street is available for rent October 1. This charming space opens on to retail arcade with a sitting area, furniture, and art. The adjoining tenants are Sew Generously Bespoke, a master tailor, and Lolo’s Hair Design. The dedicated space is 185 square feet; full use of the shared space (arcade, bathrooms, and kitchenette) is included in the rent of $700 .

The Good Arts Arcade was established in the Good Arts Building in 2017 to provide affordable space for the making, exhibiting, and selling of a range of creative goods, and foster a supportive community for the makers and sellers.

Flanked by the anchor location of Cherry Street Coffee House to the west, and the entrance to ’57 Biscayne Artist Studios to the east, Good Arts Arcade is perfectly situated for creative collaboration, fabulous combined events, and synergistic marketing opportunities. The location is well situated for foot traffic from the nearby light rail station, ferries, and Pioneer Square park.

We are seeking creative community builders—artists, gallerists, human-scale retailers—to work, grow, and collaborate in the Arcade. Contact: David Pew of Sew Generously for details and viewing. (He holds the master lease and is moving into the adjoining space.)

The Art Wall is now public. What a great time to buy art.

The Salon Rue de Cerise, our swanky guest suite on the third floor, comes with its own gallery show, hung salon-style, of course. Until now, the show was exclusively for guests, and guests alone could purchase the art, through our top-secret shop page.

Our mission as a building is to support artists and other micro-businesses that contribute to our city’s vitality. The proceeds from the Salon Rue de Cerise help us keep the art studio rents below market rate. We also use it to promotes the rich culture of Seattle and Pioneer Square, encouraging guests to support the local arts scene. At the moment the Salon is sadly guest-less, and will remain so until social distancing orders are dialed back to the point that people are again visiting Seattle.

To help generate some income for Seattle’s artists, and make sure there’s a culture to come back to when all this is over, we’re opening the gallery up to the public for a limited time. We have some very affordable art by many beloved Seattle artists* that we’ll ship to your home for free. Simply visit the shop page, find something to fall in love with, and we’ll make it happen.

*Juan Alonso Rodriguez, Daniel Carrillo, Jed Dunkerley, Eric Eschenbach, Henrietta’s Eye, Elizabeth Arzani, Karey Kessler, Krisna Schumann, Dara Solliday, Jane Richlovsky, and Nathan Vass, to name a few.