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Annie Get Your Gun!

Here’s a story that’s not about viruses or business closing.

When the folks down the street at Coastal Environmental Systems were packing up their Seattle office back in February, preparing for a move, they had to figure out what to do with a rather large sign that had been hanging around in their basement since the 1980’s. So they sent a picture to the Alliance for Pioneer Square on the chance that they’d know of someone in the neighborhood who might want it. Chris Woodward sent the picture to Jane, who said, well…..YESSSSS we want it.

This gigantic stretched canvas, painted in latex paint, was the show poster for the Skid Road Show’s production of the musical Annie Get Your Gun right here in our basement (current home to Beneath the Streets). We’re pretty sure it was displayed under the awning above the stairs, above the very steep stairs leading to the theatre. Jane and Steve lugged the giant canvas back to its original home here, parading it through Occidental Square one sunny day this winter. (The photo is taken pre-Covid, which we now have to say whenever people look dangerously close). It’s in storage for now while renovations continue downstairs, making way for Beneath the Streets’ expansion and RE-OPENING. Beneath the Streets plans to display it in the basement when they resume their operations in October.

The company’s founder Don Munro had been a big supporter of the Skid Road Show back in the day, as well as practically inventing Seattle’s Metro transit system. Thank you Don! Rest in power.